Mar 17, 2015

Whatsapp diary

There haven't been much travelling since last summer. My hubby has been working every day of the week ever since he opened his restaurant 7 months ago, and we basically see each other only for a brief moment every evening before I go to sleep. I don't know how long a person can work like that without going insane, but he has promised to start having holidays by the end of this year so I just have to wait.

My life as a loner (some pics I have sent via Whatsapp) :

The only shoes I have been using for the last 4 months
My jogging trail

Had some afternoon tea with my brother


Wearing my hubbys clothes

Had my first business trip (to Denmark)

Had to take a pic for hubby
Make it raw
Getting treats at work


Cooking class with workmates


Showed my new dress for mum
Hen party

My friend's lovely wedding dress



  1. Hi, just a random person surfing across internet and find your blog wonderful :D But this post of yours makes me feel like I have to say sth :/

    Men are always telling themselves that they have to work extremely hard to support his family and think the high income would bring happiness, which is not true. As much as their hard work is appreciated, they need to be reminded that quality time with family means way more than money.

    Just wanna share this thread on reddit, the most up-voted post is the one that deserves every hard working guy's read.

    Really sorry if this comment is over concerning. It's just I know a lot of guys fall into trap like this and end up with family tears. Since you have such a wonderful family and your blog is so good, I feel like to give some kind reminder :)

    Lastly, hope you have a nice day :D

    1. Hi random person,

      Thanks for the link. I read the post and hopefully get my hubby to read it too.

      This is a matter that I'll have to be very headstrong in the future. But it also makes me feel a bit guilty, as just like in the post you linked, he has said that he wouldn't be working so much if it weren't for me (and "our future baby"). Actually he would have gone back to Shanghai right after his studies if he hadn't met me, so I personally feel like he sacrificed a potentially very successful career in China and instead opened a company in a country where owning a company is highly discouraged by all the regulations and taxation.

      But nevertheless, hard work means nothing if the result is a separated family. I need to keep that in mind :)
      Especially once we have a baby in the future, I won't let him "escape his responsibilities" to work!