Mar 17, 2015

Whatsapp diary

There haven't been much travelling since last summer. My hubby has been working every day of the week ever since he opened his restaurant 7 months ago, and we basically see each other only for a brief moment every evening before I go to sleep. I don't know how long a person can work like that without going insane, but he has promised to start having holidays by the end of this year so I just have to wait.

My life as a loner (some pics I have sent via Whatsapp) :

The only shoes I have been using for the last 4 months
My jogging trail

Had some afternoon tea with my brother


Wearing my hubbys clothes

Had my first business trip (to Denmark)

Had to take a pic for hubby
Make it raw
Getting treats at work


Cooking class with workmates


Showed my new dress for mum
Hen party

My friend's lovely wedding dress