Jun 22, 2014

Shanghai Pre-Wedding photo shoot

We had our pre-wedding pictures taken by 巴黎婚纱 on the outskirts of Shanghai.
When we first arrived there, I was amazed how such a pretty, Parisian-styled village with small cafes and private hotels existed in Shanghai...
But when I looked closer I noticed that all those cafes and hotels were all just a setup.

The whole building in the background is empty inside, such a waste

Fake restaurant, iPhone iPad iEating

The photo shoot began at dawn and ended at sundown. The pre-wedding package included 5 different dresses and a personal make-up artist.
She did a great job, considering that the temperature on that day was 42 degrees and we had to take a break almost after every picture to wipe off the sweat from my face.


  1. Looks amazing! My and my husband decided not to take these photos, but I have to say that first pic is truly gorgeous photo of the two of you :)

  2. Thanks :) I was at first against the idea of spending any money on the prewedding pictures, but since all of my husband's married Shanghainese friends had taken prewedding photos, he actually said that it would be a loss of face if he hadn't any photos to show for his friends. Afterwards I was really happy that we took the pictures so I can admire them when I'm old and wrinkled ;)