May 31, 2014

西安 - Xian part 1

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Forest of Stele museum

Lishan Beacon

I remember reading about China's Terracotta army for the first time from some history book/travel guide over 10 years ago, and I was very fascinated by it. At the same time I felt a little bit sad, because I was sure that I would never get to see this place as it was so far away and my parents would not be interested in/couldn't afford travelling there. I never even thought I would visit any Asian country in my life.
So, you'll never know where your path leads and so on..

苏州 - Suzhou

On a night train from Shanghai to Beijing, a little girl wanted to give me a transfer tattoo, and I chose a small butterfly which she put on my arm

May 29, 2014

武汉 - Wuhan

Yellow Crane Tower

May 27, 2014

无锡 - Wuxi

Li Garden, Wuxi

Turtle Head Park