Feb 15, 2013

Paris part 2

 the Palace of Versailles

Hall of Mirrors

Sun King Louis XIV and Hall of Mirrors inside the palace of Versailles are the first things I remember of the history classes back in high school, so this was definitely the main sight for me on this trip. The garden must be so beautiful in summertime, hopefully I will get to see it in full bloom next time..

We went to eat some Korean food since there are no Korean restaurants in Finland : (

Had a dinner cruise around the Seine river

Proof that we were both actually there.


  1. Moi moi orange rain.

    I just bumped onto your blog, and I love the fact that you dated and married a Chinese man. I was born and raised in mainland China too, and my ex-gf is a Finn. I spent a summer in the late 90's in Helsinki. Reading your blog brings back sweet memories of those three months -- the sauna, birch trees, the calm sea, the trams, white nights, mid-summer festival, the Fazer tyrkisk peber, and my Suomi love. Your husband is a lucky man.

    1. Moi! It's nice to hear you've got some good memories from Suomi, I personally hate Fazer tyrkisk peber.

  2. Just found your blog, I am Chinese and my wife is European, we have been married to over 10 years now and currently live in Germany. Although we have only visited Finnland, we did live for 4 year in Sweden and 3 years in Denmark so we like Nordic.

    I have just quickly glanced your blog, really enjoyed it, wish you would update more often. Is it still the plan to move to China, regardless, there would be some bumps on the way, but I wish you success and hope that any harsh realities in life would not harm your relationship.

    BTW, I hope you also hope your husband has started to speak Finnish now, how did he end up in Finnland and not speak the language? But judging from my own expereince, I didn't not learn too much swedish either, during my time, and the main reason is that everyone in Nordic coudl speak perfect English.

    I noticed your in one of your earlier blog entries on the prospects of havign children, where to have them, and at what nationality. I would say most hospitals are quire safe (so that shouldn't be the main concern), however, I would recommend Finnish natinality, it would give your kids more opportunties, and I don't wish to happen to you, you also have to consider what happens if the relationship does not work out.