Feb 15, 2013

Paris part 2

 the Palace of Versailles

Hall of Mirrors

Sun King Louis XIV and Hall of Mirrors inside the palace of Versailles are the first things I remember of the history classes back in high school, so this was definitely the main sight for me on this trip. The garden must be so beautiful in summertime, hopefully I will get to see it in full bloom next time..

We went to eat some Korean food since there are no Korean restaurants in Finland : (

Had a dinner cruise around the Seine river

Proof that we were both actually there.

Feb 12, 2013


We had a holiday in Paris one month ago and I have been too lazy to post about it. Well here's some pictures.

Notre Dame

Eating in a restaurant which only had menus in French and waiter didn't speak English..but we managed to order snails, foie gras and steak tartare. Eating all for the first time!

And everything was surprisingly so delicious!

Arch of Triumph

Napoleon's grave

 in the War Museum

Best seafood I've ever had


Napoleon's apartments

More pics later:)