Jun 12, 2012


Few weeks ago I had a weekend off and went to nearby city from Helsinki to stay in a manor hotel with a friend who had a gift voucher for there::) There's a very beautiful old town where I really want to bring my husbands' parents when they're visiting Finland.
My friend took some (actually a lot of) pictures of me with her new camera lens, so here's the results..


  1. It looks like a really nice place =) pics are great! It would be cool if you could post some pictures with your husband too. :P

    1. Yep it's one of my favourite towns:) My husband wasn't on this trip since I went with my friend, and we are always so lazy to take pictures together-__- But I will try if we can get to Sweden next week:P

  2. Nice pics. Artistic. How tall are you? You seem tall.

    1. Credits to my friend:) I'm 165cm tall.

    2. Hi orange!
      Just read through some of your entries and I must say you are one fine looking finnish girl, like most of them. Your husbands really lucky to have you.
      Have you ever thought about modeling after you complete your studies? I think you have all the features to become one! : )
      Would you mind telling us how you just decided to get married so young? :D
      Wish you two the best!! Ciao

    3. Hello and thanks :) Nope I have never (seriously) thought about modeling, besides I'm at least 10cm too short for that..

      Well our decision to get married was quite practical. For my husband to get a residence permit for family reasons we had to
      a) have been living together at least 2 years (we had just moved together)
      b) Have a baby together (way too early!)
      c) Get married

      So we choose option c. We wanted to get the residence permit for family reasons as soon as possible, because when you renew it after living in Finland for 4 years, it will become permanent. So we will have to wait here for 4 years before moving to China so that he can come and go however he wants.