Mar 22, 2012

Our 1st meeting

Our first meeting was not the most romantic one..but it still kind of was. We met (like millions of other people) in a bar.

I had just turned 18 on that week and following Saturday I went to a bar with my best friend for the first time. Very soon we found our way to the dance floor and as we were dancing I suddenly saw this handsome Chinese guy on the other side of the room. I must have made quite a few glances on that direction, because Stephen's (my husband) friend told him that there is some girl that is looking at him all the time. All of sudden he appeared in front of me and started dancing with me. He used to do dancing as a hobby when he was younger so I was very impressed with his moves. (He even got a gold VIP card from one club for free because they wanted him to dance in their club)

So I was dancing with Stephen and my best friend was dancing with his friend. It was my first time dancing in a club with a guy, and I became very nervous. I also saw that my best friend felt really uncomfortable dancing with that other guy, so I grabbed her hand and we escaped outside of the bar and left the guys on the dancefloor..

We were standing outside in a chilly air for some time, and after a few minutes I saw that those same Chinese guys came outside and sat down on a bench in front of the entrance, and this time that handsome guy was making quite a few glances at me. Eeh..I became nervous again and we decided to escape inside. On our way to the entrance this guy waved and smiled to me, and I waved back and went inside.
We were supposed to go back to the dancefloor with my friend, when suddenly someone grabbed my hand from behind, I turned around and saw this guy in front of me. He pulled me out of the crowd, led us into the more quiet room and sat us down in a chair. He told me that he wanted to know me better, asked for a phone number and suggested for us to meet again.

My hands were trembling so bad as I dialed my number on his phone and I couldn't understand a half of what he said since the music was still very loud/ I wasn't used to the Chinese accent. Yet I was so happy that such a handsome/cool/nice guy had taken an interest on me.