Feb 22, 2012

From the archives

I decided to edit the structure of my blog so that I can put bigger images here now, since the blog is quite image-oriented. Older posts may have some errors in layout but I'm too lazy to correct them.

I haven't took any pictures now but I have been browsing old picture folders from the family computer, there's some nice material I would like to show here:)

Lovely old hairstyle

At break in my old high school's backyard. Some students used to drive to school by tractor.

I used to have this orange corn snake before I moved to Helsinki

I have been in 3 rock festivals when I was 16-18yrs old. The best festival was Province Rock 2008 when Linkin Park and Paramore both visited Finland for the first time.

Having a breakfast (ice cream and coffee) in Province Rock.

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