Feb 22, 2012

From the archives

I decided to edit the structure of my blog so that I can put bigger images here now, since the blog is quite image-oriented. Older posts may have some errors in layout but I'm too lazy to correct them.

I haven't took any pictures now but I have been browsing old picture folders from the family computer, there's some nice material I would like to show here:)

Lovely old hairstyle

At break in my old high school's backyard. Some students used to drive to school by tractor.

I used to have this orange corn snake before I moved to Helsinki

I have been in 3 rock festivals when I was 16-18yrs old. The best festival was Province Rock 2008 when Linkin Park and Paramore both visited Finland for the first time.

Having a breakfast (ice cream and coffee) in Province Rock.

Feb 16, 2012

Mandarin pop

Could anyone send some links to their favourite Chinese songs? American/English spoken music top 100 chart is easy to find from youtube, but chinese music is more difficult to find if you can't navigate on Chinese websides..I usually result in messing up the whole computer.

My husband have been showing some songs he likes to listen, and I really have come to liking them also;


 This song is my absolute favourite right now^

I have already my mp3 player full of Jay Chou's songs so I want to discover some other artists as well. I just lately found this asian music pop chart in yesasia.com and have been checking these songs on youtube. But I would also like to know some old songs that used to be popular in their time.

Feb 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Somebody wanted to take a photo of us in the airport 

Feb 13, 2012

Italy part 4 - Venice

Even though Venice has pretty much been occupied by all the tourists nowdays, I still find it the most beautiful city I have ever visited. We planned to come back to Italy again when we are old and wrinkled to visit the same places we visited now..

Doge's Palace

Bridge of Sighs
St Mark's Basilica

The best way to end our Italy trip was to go to restaurant favoured by locals

Feb 2, 2012

Italy part 3 - Venice

A Very pink hotelroom

Luv the dressing table

Our hotel was just the other side of the Grand Canal from the train station because we were too lazy to carry our stuffs any longer way.

On the first day we went to visit some other islands around Venice

Will continue..