May 8, 2017

May 4, 2017

Baby clothes

 Boy or girl?

My brother and his wife bought a big package of second-hand baby clothing with different sizes. Their baby is still much smaller than little monkey, so we have been using some of their baby clothes beforehand. Great way to save money! It's just that their baby is a boy, so of course everybody mistakes little monkey for a boy when we go out with these clothes. I find it so funny when everybody automatically identifies the baby's gender based on the color of the clothes. It seems that most colors are boy colors, except for light pink, yellow and orange.

Boy or girl?

Finnish mothers can choose to get a free maternity package or a sum of money for each baby from the government. The clothes in maternity package are supposed to be gender neutral, but whenever we have gone out with these clothes, little monkey will again be mistaken for a boy. Some examples below;

This pink jumpsuit (below) is made by my mother for me when I was a baby. It's girly allright, but very unpractical to use, so I only put it on for a few times to take a picture and storaged it away.

Apr 26, 2017

We 3

We really ought to do a family photoshoot, as these are currently the only pictures of us three -__-
Taken from my brother's child's christening.

Daddy looking so depressed..
At least little monkey looks happy!

Apr 23, 2017


Sleeping fairy

Snuggling with daddy

Inspiration from here

Jan 20, 2017


It's really hard to get a picture of a smiling baby. I only managed to get one picture after over 3 months. She likes to smile for me but not for the camera!

Wool socks made by her chinese grandma :)

Jan 7, 2017


First week

First visit to grandparents

First christmas

Learning new skills


Oct 3, 2016

Months go by



My dear friend left to Atlanta, Georgia for the rest of the year, so I went to see her one last time in Hämeenlinna. We joined a guided tour around medieval Häme castle.

After living in our new apartment for 1 year, we finally managed to finish furnituring the terrace.

Had a small baby shower and showed off ultra sound and wedding pictures

My little brother made Hannibal-inspired desserd Sanguinaccio dolce, which mainly includes milk, chocolate and pig blood. For some reason my husband refused to even taste it...


Got a tablet, showing off the baby bump


Started my maternity leave after company birthday party


New addition to our family